Sunday, October 2

Kids in College

I just packed up a couple of care packages for my kids away at college (Berkeley and Merced). What fun it is! They've told me that when a package comes their roomates are as happy about it as they are. It's like Christmas...a box arrives in the mail, and you don't know what is in it, but it's gonna be good (no orange and brown striped sweaters from granny, that's for sure). Some boxes of chili, a bag of red licorice for my son. Tuna for my daughter. Goldfish crackers for both of 'em, and a sprinkling of Reece's to fill in the gaps. Instant Mac 'n' cheese. Instant oatmeal. Just about anything my other daughter and I can find whilst shopping that we think they might like.

More fun for me than for them.

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