Tuesday, October 25

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Today is the day that the 2000th soldier in Iraq died or was killed. The L³eft say that this proves that Iraq is a quagmire, and that we can never win, etc. I took the raw data for the above from two web sites. One of these was Statistical Summary [of]America's Major Wars by the US Civil War Center. This was all data prior to the Afghan and Iraqi campaigns. The data for those campaigns I took from Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, a site I deem to be "anti-War". First I would note that they chose to conflate the KIAs and those who died of non-combat related causes. I chose to user their stats basically because they are (or at least appear to be) trying to make this war look like it is the most horrible we have ever fought.

As the above chart shows, it is actually one of the most successful wars we have ever fought. The truth is that in terms of combat deaths, we have yet to reach the level of the Mexican War, of course, in overall dead, we are doing far better than they did back in 1846-48. While I do expect that before it is over we will surpass the 1,733 that were killed in the Mexican War, I don't expect us to reach the 13,283 that they did ever. Certainly, at the current rate (2.31 per day) it will take another 13 years to do so.

At the current rate it will take some 128 years to reach the levels of the combat dead that the Union took during the Civil War. Looks like old Bobby Lee whipped them Yankees right fierce.

Somebody please inform President George w. Bush of the USA the President Mack T. Knife of the CSA would appreciate a little of his time, if he would be so kind.

I think you get my point. To be kind, the people claiming that we are losing this war are defeatists eager to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory. Not being know for my kindness, I'd call them a group of anti-American traitors with a good levening of what Lenin termed "useful idiots", and some extremely cynical politicions who only care about personal power. As I don't move in those circles, I couldn't really say what the ratio of the three camps is.

What I do know is this: we are winning on the battlefield. With first the elections and now the Constitution (so convieniently ignored by the MSM) I believe that we are slowly making progress in the political realm in the Middle East.

I know that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and that the MSM and the L³eft are using all three to try and ensure that, for America, Victory is not an option.

I find that offensive.

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