Saturday, October 8

Little Green Book Reviews

Heyah, ladies and soljahs. The playah grrl is home icing her foot, due to a poorly executed sortie de basque in her hip-hop fusion class this AM, so she has decided to make her first contribution to the Colloquium.
The thing that the playah grrl loves best (after hip-hop dancing) is books.
Being as how there is already a Little Green Movie Critic, I would like to apply for the job of Little Green Book Reviewer. And the book I just finished is On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins. This is a wonderful book. Jeff Hawkins invented the Palm Pilot, and loads of other cool geekcred paraphernalia, so he attacks understanding the mechanics of intelligence with both passion and pragmatism. He grounds his theories in neurology and the science of cognition, and many comparisons between how computers execute tasks and how the neocortex operates. The book is sort of charming, humble and unpretentious, yet stunningly perceptive. I highly reccommend it.
Tune in next week when I will be reviewing Kurzweil's new book, The Singularity is Near.
Betta watch out!

Oh, and muchas gracias to Danny for inviting me.
Wuv you guyz. ;-)

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