Friday, October 21

Maintenance & Upgrades

We'll be making a few more changes/upgrades to Haloscan this evening. Your comments may go away for a bit, but they aren't deleted. After I get things tweeked the right way, I'll be moving them over.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're still figuring this thing out.

Changes to occur around 11pm pst

UPDATE: The changes were made early because all was quiet on LGC.
Some comments were lost but they were mostly danny's and mine.

Some comments may have gotten copied twice or into the wrong thread (on the haloscan threads); it was hard to remember which went where.

I'm trying to get the popup comment window box to turn off. I'm still working on that.

More news to follow.

UPDATE #2: The republishing worked, the popup comment window is gone now.

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