Monday, October 17

The Media Are the Enemy

Did you know there was a vote on an Iraqi Constitution this Saturday? Did you know that the pro-Freedom, anti-Islamonazis won?

Probably not, because the MSM have pretty much ignored it. Not because it isn’t newsworthy, per se, but because they consider it a failure. Consider the following headline in the Washington Post today:

Sunnis Appear to Fall Short in Iraq Vote

Oh, the horror. Freedom didn’t win, oh no. The poor, poor, Ba’athists lost. This article, from its opening headline to its last paragraph, is a prime example of editorializing masquerading as news. The fact that the level of violence was far lower than the previous election is immaterial. Could the reporter have interviewed anyone who said “This is a great day for my country. Today we are free!”?

If he did, he didn’t choose to include it in his story. Yet turnout was huge, violence was low, and the Constitution passed in a landslide. Yet the only positive interview in the entire article was a Sunni who said “ his fellow Sunnis should campaign hard for the Dec. 15 vote.
"We have to move through this period to the next stage, and we can do it by organized dialogue," said Ayad Abdul Razzaq, 45.”

Talk about damning with faint praise.

And I had to do a search to find this much. The Post didn’t have a single front (Web) page story on this historic event. If one didn’t know better, one might think the editors of the Washington Post want the US to lose the war in Iraq.

I realize that it is just much more important to report that some inmate in a Missouri slam gets to abort her kid, than the birth of what we all hope will be a new Democracy.

I guarantee you that if Zarqawi had managed to abort the Democracy it’d have been headline news for months.

Maybe instead of dipping their fingers in ink, the Iraqis should have put panties on their heads as a symbol of having voted. Then this vote would still be in the headlines a year from now.


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