Thursday, October 13

My friend Farooq in Pakistan is ok

I am talking with my friend Farooq for the first time since the earthquake. He is a medical student in Pakistan, from the lawless tribal region of Pakistan called Peshawar (center of the extremist support network in the region).

Farooq being a medical student has been deeply involved in the avalanche of casualties following the earthquake. He is torn to pieces. It is so hard trying to help him through the sadness and depression of seeing all he has seen. He is just a young first year medical student who since the earthquake has seen so much death and suffering that it is overwhelming him. The things he describes are bone chilling and horrific.

If and when he has news from the area that we are'nt getting here, I will pass it along to lgc. Im so happy Farooq is ok. The instant message he sent me a moment ago saying he is ok has made my day.

There are good men over there trying to do what they can each day to live their lives the best they can, without getting mired in the lunacy we all know exits there. My friend Farooq is one of these men. I am so sad that he is hurting so bad right now, but I am also very happy he is alive.

All of you praying people please say a prayer for the good people in this world, so that they might never succumb to the lunacy of their surroundings.

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