Friday, October 7

NOW- My Little Red-Head is SPINNING!

Okay- so I am a fake red-head - LOL! But this is getting to be a MESS! I am willing to bet my 13 yr old minivan that if we put a microscope to EVERY politician, we'd spend more time and money on investigations and court costs than we do on the entire defense budget. This is where I get infuriated with idiots that go to the polls. Most either vote all one party, only know anything about one or two races- but STILL vote on others, or are just MISINFORMED- never taking a moment to check into anything. You know them. We live in America- where you can GET YOUR INFO from more than just the PRINCE and his goons or Baghdad Bob. That little "Incumbant" lever usually means CORRUPT! but anyway- here's the story folks:

DeLay accuses Earle of taking corporate funds

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