Monday, October 3

One of the good guys

Andy Whitehead, who runs Anti-CAIR is about to appear on Frank Pastore's radio show on 99.5 FM in Los Angeles. (5:00 Pacific) Streaming audio can be found here.

I'm assuming there will be some discussion of CAIR's slander lawsuit against Mr. Whitehead. You may recall that it used to be about 6 statements, and CAIR has decided to only contest two things Mr. Whitehead has said about them on his website. He's got all the legal docs posted, and they're a very interesting read.

This guy is putting his money where his mouth is, and calling the taqqiyalopes out. Listen, and maybe kick a couple of bucks to his legal defense fund. See the link on the Anti-CAIR homepage. He's taking on the dragon. Let's help him gut the cursed thing.

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