Monday, October 3

Open or Closed Society?

After catching up on the going-ons from the weekend here at LGC, I found the Pablo stalker thread and read everyone's comments; I'm a bit troubled by it. Having a stalker is no fun, but have we gone to an extreme?

Ultimately, what do we want LGC to be?
Where do we hope it goes?
Do we want to be an open society?
Or do we want to lock to the door to potentially new and exciting posters?

If we are an open society, we'll get stalkers and harassers, but we all have the "Delete" hammer. If we leave this a closed society, then we won't have folks like Harry visiting and commenting on our blog, and we won't be benefiting from the fresh infusion of ideas.

I'd really like to open this up to registered commentors again, but don't want to do so without the concensus of the rest of the co-owners.

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