Saturday, October 1

Pablo's Stalker

Our good man Pablo has a stalker/name jacker. The stalker has a website, click the title of this post and you will see the stalkers site. But please, dont click the title of this post. Just keep reading.

Pablo's stalker/name jacker runs the site 'lgf watch'. Pablo was in on the original lgf watch watch site that was operated by him and I believe zormidden, who used to post at lgf (maybe still does under another name). Then lgf watch watch became dl. And Pablo is no longer a part of that site, BUT, he operates this good site .

If you have some doubt that a comment was made by OUR PABLO, click his name above his comment and you'll be taken to his blogger profile, if you dont see his site 'LGF WATCH WATCH' and/or 'little green colloquium' listed in his profile, it aint our Pablo.

So, if it isnt our Pablo, then please delete the comment by the fake pablo. Good or bad, just delete it. If we continue to have these problems there is a course of action I am considering.

Only our Pablo can post comments as Pablo here. If it says Pablo and it aint our Pablo, delete it.

Update: The site has gone now to members only posting comments, I think. I don't fully understand this blogger thing, so, if it works, I'm happy. If not, I'll call in someone who can make it so.

I have just gone through all the comments on this site and deleted around fifteen + comments. I discovered that someone in our list of contributors has deleted a comment made by zulubaby directed to me.

This is'nt my site. I'm starting to act like it is, and I don't want that. Everyone everywhere needs to start acting right. I've done all I can, all I'm willing to do.

I'm hoping this thing can work without an empowered alpha male or female. Seems to me like a bunch of reasonable people can coexist honestly with each others interests at heart. I know it can happen.

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