Sunday, October 30


Atlanta City Mayor Shirley Franklin has found the perfect way to endlessly campaign herself at tax-payer expense, and keep herself "clean" of legitimate criticism.

Brand Atlanta reveals logo -- the ATL

Here is the logo

Okay, so far no problem. Sounds like a GREAT IDEA!

Until Shirley pays $200,000 for an "Atlanta Anthem." Remember, this campaign is about attracting tourists and businesses to Atlanta.

The song (Anthem) is called The ATL. LISTEN to this piece. This is the only piece available right now. The "full" version is to be released November 10.

THE ATL- Atlanta Anthem (just click the play button at the top left)

"Atlanta, where the music makes you drop to your knees."


Some points made by my fellow Atlantans:

Jingles are written in "Major"- this one is in "Minor."
The "Get 'em Up, Get 'em Up" chant is easily changed to "Stick 'em Up, Stick 'em Up"
Why this much money? A contest would have been far better.
We have much better talent in Atlanta, such as Elton John....

Dick WIlliams Chimes In

My take:

My personal opinion is that this was just a business and tax-payed campaign for Shirley.

I understand that this "anthem" was supposed to help boost tourism and bring business to Atlanta. Okay- if THIS is truly the goal- the next step would be- Who is our audience? How do we make Atlanta forefront in their minds and appealing.

Promotion 101 right?

This song just doesn't deliver. It is appealing to a certain group. Great- no problem, but this group seems to be more in line with Shirley's voters than in line with reaching and appealing to the group they claim to be trying to reach. I mean the most rememorable piece is the chant "Get 'em up." This is a disaster. A disgusting display of misusing tax-payer money to further a political career instead of furthering the best interests of those you serve.

The saddest part is that it will not only work, but any criticism of the song, or Shirley will only FURTHER aid her abuse of her position and power......

In essence, this song actually attracts "opportunity" in Atlanta I am not wanting to attract (hip-hop culture), destroys my optimism about Atlanta's future. and literally screams anything BUT openness. The message is clear. We want hip-hop to define us, and if you don't like it, we are not open to you! This just simply fails to acheive ANY of the objectives they claim to be reaching for.

Weren't Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown sober enough to do this song?

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