Tuesday, October 18

Priorities and Politicians

This is, I'm afraid, more of a rant than a post. As many of you know I live and work in NYC. I LOVE New York City. I HATE the frickin' politicians.
We all know about the attempted perversion of the 9/11 memorial, but I knew us New Yorkers (with help from our countymen and women who's memorial it is also rightly theirs). But what I read today in the Daily News or the Post really got my blood prssure way higher than it should have been, especially cause tomorrow I've got to go to Bellevue Hospital for an "important procedure" according to my oncologist. I may be home tomorrow or Thursday and I was SUPPOSED to take my med's and relax today.
So what do, I read in the News or the Post that of the three most important municipal services ANY town or city can provide, I don't think there's an argument to be made that those services are Fire, Police and Emergency Services ("EMS"). I'll agree that, especially here in NYC, sanitation pick up and disposal are probably fourth. Today the paper said that because of some new technology, the Mayor has convinced the Sanitation Workers Union to now use one-person trucks, down from two per truck 8 years ago, and down from 3 per truck 14 years ago. So far so good, right? The article goes on to say that new hire Sanitation Workers will be making more money than new hire cops. That's right, new hire sanitation workers will make more than new hire cops. And I'm not talking about police academy cops, or cops who patrol with a more experienced partner. I'm talking about brand new, stand alone cops, who will be making, are you ready for this, $21,600 per year. Out of which they must pay for their uniforms, guns and sundry equipment. TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Folks, you can't find a tiny studio apartment in Manhattan for less than $2,000 per month (if you want a doorman - still considered a MAJOR deterent to crime) even in a crappy, dirty and DANGEROUS neighborhood. You can't find a tiny STUDIO apartment in Queens or Brooklyn for that amount and the Bronx and Saten Island are running close behind. NYC law says NYC cops MUST live in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island. Those folks rushing into the WTC on 9/11 were firefighters and COPS. Hundreds of them died that day. And we reard them with this bupkus starting salary?!! Would YOU risk your life for $21,000 per year or even 27,000 per year. I'm so digusted I'm going to take my meds and get ready for tomorrow. BUT THIS IS AN OUTRAGE whether you live here, work here or visit here.

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