Thursday, October 27

Random thoughts from the NOLA front:

After days without, I've got a net connection today. Yippee!

The people celebrating combat deaths while a World War is in progress are beyond the pale. They are a strong argument for Heinlein's barely-specious thesis that only veterans have earned full citizenship.

I traveled through Plaquemines Parish last night. The devastation is reminiscent of photos of Hiroshima, Stalingrad, or any other locale post-battle. G-d simply swept civilization away in some parts of the Gulf Coast.

CNN is the only TV news I have available. The all-anti-American all the time is getting a bit tiresome. Once again- I and my brothers and sisters have pledged to defend, with our very lives if need be, their right to be utter assholes. That does not mean that Wolf Blitzer has to appear so gleeful as he recounts American military deaths or the latest troubles that others are creating for the President.

Those who were warned; who have witnessed Katrina and other storms; and then found themselves without food, water, or electricity in Miami, Cancun, or Key West; have no place whining for immediate relief or a government bail-out. Wake up, twits.

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