Tuesday, October 25

The Rising Tide

Source: WND.com
Organization: WithdrawMiers.org

I was snooping around this morning and found this website. The list of commentator on both sides of the asile is growing; withdraw Miers' nomination is their call.

I was initially prepared to give this nomination the benefit of doubt, but the more I read about her past, the scandals she's linked to (the Texas Lottery scandal most of all), the more I'm convinced it was shear idiocy to have nominated her.

What as the President thinking? Nominating this woman has opened the door to a re-examination of his past, the past we've rehashed over and over again. I don't believe the President is an idiot, but this was just plain stupid. Or is there a brilliant plan afoot to have this one fall apart so he can get JR Brown's nomination through the process?

I don't know, but I do know this was a very bad idea.

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