Sunday, October 9

Sympathy for the Devil

We are going to lose this war if things don't change, and change quickly. We aren't going to lose it because of our troops in the field. Indeed, as the above chart indicates, we have been extroidinarily successful in the last four years in terms of American losses. The Guys and Dolls out on the Sharp End are performing beyond all expectation.They have by G-d earned our respect and admiration.

So what does the Senate propose? A special Medal of Valor for these heros?

Try a fucking Terrorist Protection Act. That's right, Guys and Dolls. It is far more important that some poor terrorist at Gitmo not suffer a Goldilocks moment and be too hot or too cold. Above all, we must not desecrate the Holy Koran (of course, if you want to piss on a Crucifix, well, the Government will pay you for your donation of bodily waste).

Even if it means a soldier comes home in a body bag.

Not one Senator who voted for this abomination, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican, deserves re-election. As far as I am concerned, a vote for this Bill was a vote for al Qaeda.

In his closing speech, McCain said terrorists "hold in contempt" international conventions "such as the Geneva Conventions and the treaty on torture."

"I know that," he said. "But we're better than them, and we are the stronger for our faith."

You know what, McCain, yeah we are better than them. We don't cut their fucking heads off. You might want to remember that they do cut people's heads off the next time you get your panties in a wad that Joe Terrorist's dinner might have not been prepared to his exact specifications.

Fortunately, the President has said he will veto this abortion. Here is the contact info for the White House. Let W know that you support him.

AFAIK, corresponding legislation hasn't been approved by the House. Call your Congresscritter, and scream. Appeasement never works. And this is nothing but appeasement.

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