Saturday, October 22

To Members

Now that we have changed to Haloscan comments there is the matter of administration of Haloscan controls. Here is the list of people I will be inviting to be admins of the Haloscan account:

Mack the Knife
Mafia Princess
Sarah D

(and a couple I'm not naming yet)

The reason why I am not inviting everyone who is an admin at lgc to be an admin at Haloscan is because too many cooks in that kitchen will obviously foul up its operation. The way Haloscan operates we can't afford to have anyone in there that isnt on the "same page" as I am in operating that system.

The admins of Haloscan that I have selected will be getting the login information and a file containing the instructions I would like people to follow while administering there. It should arrive in your email sometime over the next couple of days. If your name is on the list and you do not want admin rights, please email me or leave me a message here.

Your Reluctant lgc Underlord
the danagement

Carry on ...

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