Friday, October 28

The Treasonous Opposition

Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
A betrayal of trust or confidence.

In the old days, the party out of power was known as the Loyal Opposition. It was their job to critique the party in power, and to keep them honest, hard-working and thrifty. But, alas, the democratic party has suffered a psychotic break with reality--they no longer feel the need to be loyal, or to convey allegiance to our country. They only care about winning.

A lot of fine writers have written about the Left seeking assiduously to misrepresent the Iraq War, the single event that defines GW's presidency and the voting patterns of the 2004 election, as a collossal misadventure. I like Baldilocks and VDH (both via LGF) especially. But I have a grievance against the Left on other issues. They have betrayed our trust, and abandoned their duties as the Loyal Opposition in abject pursuit of vote-whoring, in their desperate desire to win.

You see, there are things that the Bush adminstration is doing a terrible job on. Like immigration, deficit spending, and porkbusting. But the Left will say nothing because vociferous objection will lose them votes. The classic example is Terri's Law. Congress worked over the weekend to pass a law that all lawyers knew was essentially a no-op, since it did not require admission of new data. Terri's Law was simple cynical pandering to the base. My libertarian blood boiled at the shameless attempt to override states rights. Most democrats cravenly voted with the republicans, and only a very few frail voices were raised in hesitant protest. Because it would have cost them votes.

Right now, for the first time in recorded history, America has fallen behind in a high tech field, in bioengineering. Where previously we were the unquestioned leaders of the world in Science, we have now fallen behind South Korea and China in that domain. Even though Johns Hopkins pioneered the solution to the mouse feeder cell contamination of stem cell lines, other countries have benefitted and advanced their research by using this technique. Why is this not percieved as a point of vulnerability in Republican policy? Because if the democrats support federal funding for new stem cell lines, they will lose red state votes. Listen to the Dean and Clinton rhetoric on abortion...are they saying what they believe or what will garner votes? Their platform drips with cynicism.

So, j'accuse. Not only is the Left waging war against our country's efforts in Iraq, but completely betraying the trust reposed in them by all Americans who believe in the two party system. It should be about doing the right thing for our country. Not winning at any cost.

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