Sunday, October 9

Tunes Thread

Every self-respecting blog community should have a few music threads. 'Specially this one, since we shoulda all been schooled by the Uber-Lizardoid Master's most exquisite taste in tunes.
So, I'm askin', what is everyone's favorite song right now? The one you can't get enough of, the one you play every day--top of the most-played on your itunes list! It can be really old, or brand fresh new, you choose.
Mine is Play by David Banner, sorta my anthem.
CAUTION: Underground Hip-hop, so choose the clean version if you're gonna listen--the explicit version is pretty steamy. ;-)

UPDATE: 'kay, shoulda made this more clear--
State your anthem, puhleez, the song that defines you, that hits the memory spots, or says who you are. It can be old.

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