Sunday, October 16

A Warn sunny rock my Ass!

Hi youse'all - I know it's been a while since I posted, but I've been really worn out with the medications and all (they seem to add a new one every week, but never tell me to stop taking the others - I'm up to 11 different meds via pill (works out to 21 pills a day) plus two stomach injections per month. However, I couldn't resist this post. A warm sunny rock may be fine for real, cold blooded lizards, but for us who are lizardroids, give me a warm, snuggly, soft bed ANY time (even if it's just me in it!). I mean the low temperature here tonight in NYC is gonna be 49 frickin degrees and the "high" tomorrow is supposed to be all of 62 degrees; that warm sunny sounds good to me, but as I said, give me a soft snuggly bed instead of that rock EVERYDAY!!!
I've notice that there are some new posters out here and as one of the Charter or beginner or whatever member of lgc let me say welcome. This is a great place to unwind, chat and tell some outrageous stories (some of which may even be true!)
I hope youse'all is - er- are doing well and I promise (threaten?) to post some of them there stories as soon as I can.

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