Thursday, October 20

What Happened?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you would take a look to the right side of the blog, you will notice the LGC blogroll. While it is a nice blogroll as it currently stands, until very recently it was a huge listing of websites and could take you almost anywhere with one click of a mouse. (And you thought that ruby slippers were impressive.) It seems that some sort of natural or man made disaster has cut into our lovely blogroll, and only a limited number of links are still surviving.

We can rebuild the blogroll! In the spirit of being an administrator instead of justbasking in the glow of justdanny's labor, I reconnected a couple of the links and have taken the opportunity to add my own feeble attempt at a blog. You can probably guess which one is mine by Sherlocking what type of environment a tankdemon would be comfortable in.(Why do I suddenly feel the need to sport a green felt fedora?) If everybody takes a couple of minutes to re-attach their favorite links, our blogroll can once again be the envy of the neighborhood.

We realize that you have many options in your choice to blog, and thank you for lurking at Little Green Colloquium.

UPDATE: Okay, I give up. I don't know what happened to the blogroll now. I am also not exactly an expert in the art of HTML-fu, but I guess once we get haloscan up and running, we can expect to see the blogroll returned to its former glory.

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