Saturday, October 22

What Kind of Mother...??!?!!

The Jerusalem Post is reporting:

Earlier, soldiers from the Haruv battalion staging a routine arrest of wanted Palestinian fugitives nabbed 10 kilograms of explosives in a West Bank village and then made a dramatic discovery.

"The wife of the one of the fugitives held her baby with two hands and held a bag with a hand grenade underneath its shirt to hide it from the soldiers," said Lt.-Col. Arik Chen, commander of the battalion.

The pre-dawn raid in the village of Atzira Shamaliyeh north of Nablus ended peacefully after soldiers quickly separated the live hand grenade from the mother and baby.

I'm not waiting for the moonbat and loony lefties to pitch a fit over this... we all know they are hypocrits anyway, so why bother to point it out.

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