Thursday, October 27

The Worst Strategic Blunder in American History

One of the commentators over at Blackfive said the following:

It is less easy to dismiss those who do not call Bush the next Hitler, but do accuse him of committing the worst strategic blunder in American history.

While not as hyperbolic as the Bush == Hitler crap, this is still way over the top.

First I think a little history lesson is in order. The worst blunder in American History was Truman's decision not to go to war with Stalin over the Berlin Blockade. We had atomic weapons, Stalin did not. It is not hard to guess the outcome. Instead, Stalin caved to Truman's threat, and decided to wait until the USSR had nuclear weapons before continuing (this is a presumption on my part. I do know that the Soviet Union didn't have nuclear weapons in 1948).

Fortunately for the world, Stalin died before Soviet Weapons were a reality. Anyone who thinks that Stalin would have hesitated to use them needs to revisit the history of the USSR during Stalin’s Reign of Terror.

This blunder brought us the joys of the Cold War. Fifty years of Nuclear Stalemate that was punctuated by brush-fire wars, and other little things that went bump in the night.

You know, little things like the Cuban Missile Crisis. When we are speaking of blunders let us not forget that if JFK would have won the Bay of Pigs, and taken Cuba, that little bundle of joy would have never been born. I realize that the Left love Castro, and celebrate that as a victory. But failing to secure that strategic asset was a blunder that came perilously close to starting a global nuclear war. Like I said, the joys of Cold War.

As the years roll on, we come to Lyndon Johnson’s widening of the Vietnam War (a war that Kennedy began). I thought that Vietnam was supposed to have defined quagmire for all time.

And I am not quite yet done with this litany of blunders. You see, America’s 444 Days of Shame began on November 4, 1979 and was met with utter incompetence on the part of the Carter Administration. It was this incompetence, followed by failures in the three following Administrations (admittedly, Reagan still had that pesky Cold War that Truman brought us hanging around) that ultimately lead to 9-11, and the deaths of 3,000 innocent American civilians.

But after fighting and winning two wars in two countries while losing less men in both countries combined than the Union lost in three days at Gettysburg, the war in Iraq is “the worst strategic blunder in American history”. The Cold War was right annoying, but since it didn’t end in nuclear Holocaust, I guess in hindsight it wasn’t so bad. After all, you see, Truman was a Democrat.

Kennedy? Also a Democrat. LBJ, Jimmy Carter, why, it seems that they were also Democrats!

George Bush, on the other hand is a Republican.

You see, the blunder isn’t that two countries were liberated from horrible oppression at a surprisingly low cost of American blood. I’ll admit, the cost in treasure was high. State-of-the-art weapons-systems are not cheap. But if it keeps the cost in American blood down; if only 2,000 good men and women wearing our country’s uniform die instead of 20,000, it is worth every penny.

No, liberation wasn’t the blunder, nor is it an accident or a blunder that we now share borders with two principle countries that are terror supporters.

No, the real blunder is that the President who accomplished this (with a lot of help from the finest military machine that the world has ever known) is of the wrong Party. Thus, the L³eft cheer every setback, deride any success (hear much in the mainstream media about the Iraqi Constitution? Me neither), and try to paint a picture of quagmire where none exists. Just as I am willing to spend every penny to keep the cost in soldiers lives down, the anti-American L³eft are willing to squeeze the value out of every drop of American blood in order to try to bring the Bush Administration down. Thus they celebrate the 2,000 deaths. I feel certain that some of them wish it were 20,000.

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