Saturday, October 1

You Might Be A Liberal

I just LOVE Herman Cain......enjoy!

You Might Be A Liberal
By Herman Cain
  1. If you believe there is no Social Security crisis…you might be a liberal.
  2. If you believe government can spend your money better than you can spend your money…you might be a liberal.
  3. If you believe we can save Social Security by raising taxes and reducing benefits…you might be a liberal.
  4. If you believe the economy would be as strong as it is without President Bush’s 2003 tax cuts…you might be a liberal.
  5. If you believe compound interest is a “fable”…you might be a liberal.
  6. If you believe you should run your household finances like the government runs Social Security, you might be broke!
  7. If you believe the IRS is your friend, you are intellectually challenged!
  8. If you believe you help the poor by hurting the rich…you might be a liberal.
  9. If you believe the congressional Democrats care about the Democratic voters you are a victim of liberal abuse!
  10. If you believe a tax refund is a bonus from the government, you are an idiot!

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