Friday, October 21

You Want Good News? Look to DU

No, really. I find the posts that have the most indignant responses and they are often about something good that is happening in the world. A few recent examples:

Powell: U.S. Not Doing Bad at All

Du: AAARRGGH! War Criminal! Liar! Token! Moron!

Saddam May Be Executed Soon

DU: AAAARRRGGH! We're monsters! Bush is just as bad! His poor, poor sons!

Murder Rate at 40 Year Low

DU: Lies! Bush is killing the poor! Bush will cause more murders! It's Bush's fault that people can't afford bullets!

Peace Is Breaking Out All Over

DU: Bushit Propoganda! But for the U.S., we'd have world peace! Bush will kill us all!

Like I said ... DU, the source for good news and lefty laughs.

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