Thursday, November 3

400th Post

This is the 400th post on lgc. lgc started out with an idea I had for an experiment to see how and if a group of online friends could co manage/own/operate a weblog together.

Part of the experiment failed when I had to declare ownership of the site. More failures occured when people asked to be removed from the contributors list. Trolling and spamming, personal attacks and name jacking were things I had also not considered in the beginning.

But, the experiment continues and so does the inclining learning curve, for me. I have taken a break from lgc over the last few days. I plan to continue to be less of a presence than I have been. It might not make sense to most of you, but I have to step away to shake off having to own this thing. Its a little annoying for me to come here every day and realise I have the responsibility of owning it.

Once again I encourage everyone to invite friends you know and trust to join, by sending out an invite or letting me know you want them invited and I'll send them an invite, however you want to do it.

When we were with blogger comments, I felt it important to give every member admin rights so that they could delete comments. Now that we are with haloscan comments, admin to blogger isnt useful in that capacity any longer. New members invited to join will not be given admin status to blogger, but will still be co owner operators of the site, and can still post articles. If anyone feels they need admin status to make changes, and you dont have admin status, just contact me and I'll assist all I can.

NBL Danny

(keep your head up, and your ass down)

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