Monday, November 21

Ann ALtHouse Deletes My Comment

Now i am shocked, shocked i tell yah!
Ann deleted my comment on this post.
Fortunately, you can still read her words that i republished from Baldilocks blog.

Baldilocks: You're misreading the intent of my post. I can defend myself
and am defending myself. I'm also laughing at them. (Listen to me on my podcast
#21.) My post is about asking people who care about feminism to become outraged
about how women are attacked. I'm not asking people to come and help me, but to
be aware of the rank sexism that is displayed in certain parts of the web. I
admit I asked for a fight, but I'm still allowed to criticize how people fight.
In fact, that's part of the way I fight.
Yeah, right, just doin' it for the sistahs. Well no thanx from this sistah. I'll fight my own battles clean, thank-you-so-very-much, without playin' the sex card.

Deleting comments that point to things you said on another blog? Might get the impression you're ashamed, and don't want your readership to see them. ;-)

I'm not gonna turn into Dennis the Pissant about this, but i will reserve the right to craft a couple mocks on her-- less see--
Is Ann AltHouse Really Jesse Jackson in Drag?

BTW, check the comments on her post--she says loathesome nic-jacker and foul-mouthed stalker Iron Fist's Cat is her hero!!!!
Class act, right?

You know, dear readers, up until the OSM launch I thought Ann AltHouse was a nice, sane conservative blogger who sometimes subbed for the Instaguy. But since she's been suckin' down the haterade i've seen a whole different side of her--pus 'n' semen 'n' Iron Fist's Cat. Someone should show her some of that guys comments at Atrios. No wonder they get along. ;-)

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