Sunday, November 27


"Formidable Law Blogger" (snigger) Ann AltHouse enters the Pokedrome. She brushes an imaginary speck of lint from the lapel of her quietly tasteful Ann Taylor Outlet Store black pantsuit, her natural (?) blonde hair glistening in the Pokedrome lights. She places her lawerly briefcase on a small Poketable in front of her, clicks it open and extracts her Pokeball.

Glaring fiercely at her opponent, she extends her arm full length, holding the Pokeball in the palm of her hand--I CHOOSE: KEVIN DRUM she cries at the top of her lungs.

Instantly a swarm of flying drumbots (fighting skill: 0.5) explodes from the Pokeball, reverses course in midair, turns and begins fiercely attacking AltHouse, biting and stinging.

OWowowow! AltHouse screams, as she turns and runs with great speed towards the exit. Her opponents lie on the floor, doubled up with hysterical laughter.

When she can get her breath, Playah Grrl says, "I guess that would be the double reverse top secret feminist defense. " *giggles*

Props to APF in Jeff G's comment section for the Pokeman ref. Man, Jeff is so good, even his commentors are comedic geniuses.


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