Sunday, November 13


I recently posted something called Veteran's Day Remembrances and having had sufficient time and having sufficient emotion drained away, I just have to say this, which I also posted on LGF and e-mailed to Charles:

Charles - I want to sincerely apologize for my somewhat harsh comments to you concerning the timing of the posting of the Veteran's Day Thread. It's just that it was after 12:30 AM here on the east coast, some of my buds had gone to sleep believing that you were not going to post a Veterans Day thread, and, well, it's an emotional day for me ALL DAY anyway and I'm sorry for being critical of the timing of the posting of that thread. And I do sincerely thank you for your kind "introductory" words and feelings on that thread. And, on the theory that it's better late than never, I want to wish all my fellow veterans (too many to list by name here) for their service and sacrifice. Just remember, no matter what we did in the service, which war or "police action" or undeclared war, we did out of love for our brother soldiers and for the love of the United States of America.

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