Tuesday, November 8

Bill Whittle Fisks the Left on LGF

You know, Joe Christmas, I've listened to people like you for a long time. Smug, narcissistic cynics who seem to think that some snide and derisive sleight of hand -- such as WMD references or other topic-changing rhetorical sophistry -- passes as reasoned debate and logical thought.

I read with great dismay your belittling of the "bomb factory" as "nothing more than a few hundred Molotov cocktails," which you in your oh-so-advanced metropolitan worldview dismiss as just the normal exclamation point of a typical friday night in Paris. I read it with dismay because you are a museum-quality species of intellectual who has managed to wear the badge of Apologist for Lawlessness as a mark of honor. I do not for a moment doubt that this is so deeply buried in your perverse worldview that you choose not to see it, or perhaps chose not to see the terminal perniciousness of it. And to be honest, I really don't care much. You are the Voice of Munich, the marble statue of The Useful Idiot, and quite frankly, what a refined and sophisticated idiot like you has to say makes not the slightest difference to me.

For several nights now, you have assured us that this will soon get back to normal: normal being 300 burned cars in an evening. For the people at LGF who are calling this an intifada and civil war, you have nothing but contempt: contempt for people who have been watching this growing threat for years and see in these riots not the end but the BEGINNING of the split that will sunder Europe. One would think that someone who claims to live in the Czech Republic would have some more historical perspective than you telegraphically lack. Your voice is the same voice that said that Krystalnacht was merely a little romp by some neighborhood thugs. You do not see, because you do not CHOOSE to see, what is plainly happening because it too deeply emperils your cynical, facile, sarcastic and blythe world view which to us would be hilarious if it were not for the fact that people like YOU, and not these Muslim rioters, are the lever by which Europe will fall.

But we here in America will not fall. We will not fall because there are those of us who knows what is out there, and what is coming, because we and our fathers and grandfathers have seen it before, and because they have bled and died to liberate loose-lipped, ungrateful, self-blinded idiots like yourselves.

I tell you this in all sincerity, Joe Christmas: every time you open your mouth, you manage to highlight for us precisely the suicidal mindset upon which this all hinges, and for that people like myself are truly grateful. For there is much to despise in a violent, mysoginistic, illiberal and brutal Islam, but at least they are true to their own. You, on the other hand, you are the autoimmune virus that attacks it's own host. You are the tiny, bitter little man that opens the city door to the barbarians for your forty pieces of silver, and those forty pieces are a currency so base -- the ego stroke of desperately needed attention -- that sometimes I wish for the fall just so that I can see your face when it finally comes. But that is a luxury we cannot afford.
These riots may in fact die down in a few days. This will not prove you right. They know now who is weak and who is strong, and they will be back. I will think of you on that night, when they return, and all the succeeding nights. What a sad, sad little man you must be. Fortunately for you, we still have the time to debate you and give you some desperately needed sense of identity, but when the time REALLY comes, you will be ignored to live out the rest of your days in the shadow of better men, as your kind always does.

I for one will not respond to anything you may say. My ancestors were giants, but I do not need to stand next to pygmies to warrant their respect. I only need to stand. And it is transparently obvious that you use your 'wit' to cover the fact that this is a posture that blythe, arrogant cowards such yourself cannot assume.

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