Sunday, November 6

California Governor Schwarzenegger's Bus Tour Ends

Today Ahnold made the final stop of his bus tour to promote California propositions 74, 75, 76 & 77. The event was hosted in Irwindale by KFI AM 640 radio personalities John Kobylt and Ken Champeau.

I know, I know, the MSM has been covering Schwarzenegger’s Bus Tour extensively, but…what? You haven’t heard of it? OK, since it appears that the “unbiased” MSM have ignored this altogether, I have provided a pictorial essay for your enlightenment. Please indulge me, you lucky non-Californians.

The event was a held as a final effort to persuade Californians to adopt a suite of propositions designed to lessen the stranglehold by liberal legislators and bloated public employee unions intent on running the state into the ground. Here’s a union protestor, demonstrating what union-types do best.

On the right with a bullhorn, is another union protestor; on the left is a young California grade school teacher who doesn’t want her compulsory union dues going to fund political speech with which she disagrees. For this outrageous position, the articulate, persuasive union protestor called her a “scab”.

Here is a wild-eyed eevil Conservative typical of those in attendance.

John and Ken have done many wonderful things for California, like help get Ahnold elected governator. They also blew the whistle on unscrupulous lawyers shaking down local businessmen with bogus lawsuits. State Attorney General Bill Lockyer defended the practice, but public outrage eventually won out. The lawyers were eventually disbarred and driven out of the legal profession.

Here Ahnold speaks to the cheering crowd, flanked by John and Ken. Tonight, several public school teachers and other dedicated civil servants were honored by the Governator.

Organizers estimate that there were about 3,000 eevil Conservatives in attendance.

Republican state Senator Tom McClintock was wildly popular with the crowd. Here’s McClintock’s analysis of these four propositions:

Proposition 74: Teacher Tenure. Do parents have a right to expect a higher level of competence before a teacher is granted life-time tenure? YES. This modest measure simply increases the teacher probation period from two years to five years.

Proposition 75: Public Employee Union Dues. Should public employees decide for themselves which candidates they will support with their own money? YES. This measure requires that before a public employee union can take money from that employee for political donations, it has to get the employee’s permission.

Proposition 76: State Spending. Should government live within its means? YES. This measure restores the authority that the governor of California had between 1939 and 1983 to make mid-year spending cuts whenever spending outpaces revenue without having to return to the legislature.

Proposition 77: Re-districting. Should voters choose their representatives in legislative districts that are drawn without regard to partisan advantage? YES. The most obvious conflict of interest in government is when politicians choose which voters will get to vote for them by drawing their own legislative district lines. This measure puts a stop to it.

This Wednesday we'll know the results for better or worse.

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