Sunday, November 6

The Conquest of France Begins in Earnest

Police found a gasoline bomb-making factory in a southern suburb of the city, with more than 100 bottles, gallons of fuel and hoods for hiding rioters' faces, a senior Justice Ministry official said Sunday.

This isn't an undertaking of a bunch of random kids, or even a particularly well-organized street gang. Well, unless you consider Islam to be a gang. France is falling rapidly. My bet is that the Fifth Republic falls within the year.

The violence - originally concentrated in neighborhoods northeast of Paris with large populations of Arab and African Muslim immigrants - has now spread across France, extending west to the rolling fields of Normandy and south to resort cities on the Mediterranean.

This is a huge story. There is more terrorism in France than there is Iraq. How many people have been killed in this violence? The media do not tell us, but when you start burning down buildings and torching cars in such quantities that you need factories turning out the firebombs, you are going to kill people by accident even if you are trying to be careful.

I see no evidence that they are trying to be careful.

The article delicately understates that the people committing the arson are Muslims. It doesn't address whether or not the local Imams are encouraging it. It doesn't address who is funding this onslaught, nor what the real goal is.When the unassimilated realize that they can force the culture to become what they insist that it become, to force the native culture into submission, and they realize that the native culture lacks the will to defend itself, then it is natural that the unassimilated culture assert its dominance.

That is what is happening here.

This is simply colonialism being practiced by North African Muslims against France. It is another front of the Jihad, one where the Jihad appears to be winning. Not because of the strength of the Jihadis, but because of the weakness of their chosen target. Decades of multicuralism/cultural-relativism, socialism, and, of course, the famous weakness of the French will to fight have combined to bring this about. Jackals don't attack lions, they attack crippled antelopes. On 9-11, the jackals mistook a lion for a crippled antelope. Having learned from their mistake they have gone to seeking weaker prey, and have found it in France.

There is a lesson in this for us. This is how multiculturalism ends. Not with a whimper, but a bang.

I hope that the US learns from this, and reacts accordingly. We have a strong antelope contigent here, although for now the lions appear to be winning. Large masses of unassimilated immigrants are a serious problem. If they want to move here, become Americans, and live in America, then they are welcome.

If they want to immigrate from Fuckedupistan, bring Fuckedupistani cultural customs to the United States, and set things on fire, blow things up, and kill people when we don't change our culture to conform to their quaint little culture, then I suggest they stay in Fuckedupistan.

American isn't France. Americans won’t tolerate this kind of behavior. Try that crap over here, and you will die on the streets of America. And if the Government won't step up (as the Government of France hasn't), rest assured that the American people will.

And if you don’t like that, move back to Fuckedupistan.

[/Endeth the Sermon]


It seems like the Brits are hell-bent-for-leather that they won't learn from the mistakes of the French:

A COUNCIL is planning to scrap grants for festive lights because Christmas does not fit in with its “core values of equality and diversity”.
A report drawn up by the council in Suffolk concedes that the move could lead to officials being accused of “not supporting the spirit of Christmas”.

The move is the latest in a string of decisions by organisations to downplay the celebration of the birth of Christ — ostensibly to prevent offence being caused to non-Christian religions. Last week it emerged that Lambeth council in south London had insisted on renaming its Christmas lighting displays as “winter” or “celebrity” lights.

Why not just surrender, and get it over without the fighting? Isn't that what the so-called "Peace" movement is really about, anyway? Surrender without shooting?

Maybe the Christians should blow up a bus station on account of this disrespect. It seems that the only people that the L³eft care about not offending are people who will kill them.

Word to the L³eft, you really care about offending me.

Update II:
(Hat Tip: Be the Meat)

Here are today’s headlines in Belgium’s (only) Sunday newspaper De Zondag. Page One: “No Sign of Revolt in Belgium Yet.” Page Five: “Violence Moves Towards Belgium.” It almost sounds like a weather forecast, anticipating the onslaught of a hurricane that is inevitably coming.

Emphasis, as always, mine.

Once Old Europe decided to side with Saddam Hussein against the US, I believe this became inevitable. Unlike our media, the Jihadis recognize that we are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they have shifted to a weaker front. In the short term, this is good news. As the war ramps up in central Europe, the Jihadis will have to divert assets that would have gone to Iraq to fight the Iraqis and the US Military in order to fight the French, Belgium, and other Axis of Weasles countries.

This will lead to fewer deaths on our side in this war in Iraq, but it will be a net positive tip toward the Jihadis as far as kill-ratio goes. The French aren't capable of fighting a war. By design, neither is Germany, and Spain was the first to rush to attempt appeasment.

If they are lucky, the Jihad will eat them last.

It's just another form of triage. Old Europe is dying, and efforts spent saving her just divert from other efforts at defeating the Jihad in the Middle East.

Sometimes you have to let the patient die.

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