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A Graphical Comparison of American Casualties for All Wars Fought, 1776-Present

With the conclusion of the war in 1865 the Peace Democrats were thoroughly discredited. Most Northerners believed, not without reason, that Peace Democrats had prolonged war by encouraging the South to continue fighting in the hope that the North would abandon the struggle.

Today yet another Democrat called for unilateral surrender to al Qaeda in Iraq. After three years of combat, while we have lost fewer men that were lost in three days at Gettysburg, America is defeated, and must cut and run hoping to salvage what we can?

Oh, the Congressman was more diplomatic in what he said. But what he said was clear. Al Qaeda wins, if they can just hold the line. Like Senator Durbin (D-al Qaeda) Representative Murtha has stepped over a line. Done all we can? Damn straight our troops have done all they can. They've kicked ass and taken names all over Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are so bad for al Qaeda that they decided to run a terror act in Jordan, G-d alone knows why.

I guess maybe they thought that if they showed they were willing to kill Arabs in areas unprotected by the United States it would turn said Arabs against us.

Oops. Bad Idea. The Arab street is furious, and, while I certainly don't consider myself an expert on Arab culture, I doubt that "Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!" is the local equivalent of "Attaboy!"

No, while it is not a done deal, we are clearly winning this thing. Our troops have accomplished feats that no other army in history has done. They've freed two nations from extremely oppressive regimes while losing fewer men than died at the Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge. All while facing an unprecedented level of requirements to be nice to the Enemy.

They are to be commended, not condemned.

Baghdad wasn't the next Stalingrad, and the current insurgency needs to step up if they want to be the next Viet Cong.

Except, of course, in the twinkle in the Copperhead Democrats' eye. Like the Copperheads during the Civil War, the modern Copperhead hopes that they can give heart to the Enemy; that if they will just hold out, they can exhaust us. That if they can just kill a few more Americans (not to mention Iraqis and Jordanians) that we will tuck our tail between our legs and run.

The Democrats like to say that they dissent, and we should not question their patriotism because they dissent. Fair enough, but saying the equivalent of "Hold the line!" to the Enemy is not dissent. It is aid and comfort.

It is treason, and I do not question a traitor's patriotism. They have none.

It is said that history repeats itself as first as tragedy, then as farce. 140 years later the Democratic Party has decided, with clear intent, to repeat the history of the Copperheads. To try and bring about the defeat of the United States by encouraging the Enemy to stand firm in the hope that America will abandon the struggle. Only this time it is farce. One might can comprehend the Civil War Copperheads wanting to throw in the towel and let the South go her own way. After First and Second Manassas, Antietam, the horror of Gettysburg, and smaller battles too numerous to name, you can understand it.

After 200,000 good men had gone into the ground, and victory looked chancy and the commanding General's strategy boiled down to we out number them so if they kill one of us for every one of them we kill, we'll win (a simplification of the Union strategy under Grant, but nevertheless relatively accurate), you can understand it.

After our troops won the war part of the fight in three weeks, after two successful elections in Iraq, and a good beginning on reconstruction they want to cut and run. Reconstruction in the South took over 100 years from the last shot Johnny Reb took at Billy Yank. 100 years, before the end of Jim Crow and Seggregation, separate water fountains, and socially acceptable racism.

I guess the North lost. At least according to the modern Copperheads. Not really, of course. I am simply illustrating the farce. The Modern Copperhead says that because the Iraqi Constitution wasn't a perfect model of our own (well, the parts of it he approves of. No need for an Iraqi Second Amendment after all), we've lost the war. Because we haven't played nice enough with the Enemy, we should lose the war (witness this latest farce over WP).

Hold on, al Qaeda in Iraq. The Copperhead Regiment of the Democratic Cavalry is just over the hill.


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