Tuesday, November 1

The difficulty of intellectually engaging the Left

Dennis Prager posits an interesting argument concerning the Left's favorite tactic used to deflect from actually having fresh ideas or any real point in the political and social debate.

One of the more appealing aspects about being on the Left is that you do not necessarily have to engage your opponents in debates over the truth or falsehood of their positions. You can simply dismiss your opponent as "anti."

Anti-black ("racist")
Anti-gay ("homophobe")

The "anti" arguments are effective. Conservatives have to spend half their time explaining that they are not bad people before they can be heard. But the Left has paid a great price. Because they have come to rely so heavily on one-word dismissals of their opponents, they have few arguments.

I think Dennis Prager has hit the nail on the head. No fresh ideas. No valid argument in the debate. Just a policy of attack, obfuscate, and dodge the real issue to maintain an unworkable status quo.

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