Tuesday, November 29

Gangs of the Blogosphere

Absinthe-swillin' Canadian dandy Flea is my muse here. Here's his list of gangs from the recently gamerized cult movie classic, The Warriors. If you visit the Flea Towers please vote Flea for best Canadian Culture Blog. Actually, Flea may just be the best culture blog in this universe.
Of course, i have my own take on the Gangs of the Blogosphere.
The biggest and most powerful gang in the blogosphere is the Pajamafia. Just like in the movie where the Gramercy Riffs are trying to organize the NYC gangs, the Pajamafia is trying to organize the blogger gangs into a mondo-blogger gang.
Here Baldilocks, the leader of the PJM Enforcers gang is engaged in a "face-off" with Ann AltHouse of the Femlaws. Watch out, Baldy! She can kill you with her mind! If you don't know what a "face-off" is, then you have to watch Zoolander for the break-dance-fighting scene.

This is Markos Zuniga and the Kozkidz gang. He is really short, isn't he? I think he might have SMS (Short Man Syndrome). And don't those leather caps look gay? I think they look gay. And not in the "good" gay way.
A gang that is widely feared by many is Jeff Goldstein and the Mobile Attack Penises. Sorry, I couldn't find a good picture. Their mortal enemies are the Femlaws.
Then there is Steve and Robert's Llama Gang. Mostly peaceable, they spit poisonous cud when enraged.
Dr. Rusty's Jawa Gang is one of my favorites. But be careful to act intelligent in the comments section. If they think you're a droid they'll chop you up and sell you for parts.
Charles Johnson's Lizardoid Minions are one of the largest and fiercest gangs. They form part of the basis of the Pajamafia, where Johnson is one of the cappos. Lizardoid Minions can be recognized by their colors, green and silver, and by their extreme loyalty to Johnson.

Here is a picture of Jeff Percifield and the Harajuku Harem. You might think that is Gwen Steffani, but it is really Jeffie in drag. INDC Bill is second from the left, with the red bow.

There are many interesting gangs in the blogosphere. If i have failed to mention your favorite blogger gang, could you put it in the comments, please? And then I will add it in an update. Hmmm....might be a fun video game someday.

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