Friday, November 11

Good People

My Dad has been in Newburg, Indiana for the past couple of days helping my brother with his tornado damage. He witnesses first hand that the American Spirit is alive and kicking. Volunteers from all over the midwest have converged on the area to help out.

A local church was serving breakfast to everyone yesterday and my Dad and brother met some folks from Iowa who came to help clear damaged trees. They showed up at my brother's place and cleared all of the downed limbs and removed the twisted and splintered mess.

Shortly thereafter, folks came to the front door giving box lunches out to everyone in the neighborhood.

A little while later, a group of folks from a church showed up to help clear debris from Chris and Amy's yard. The force of the tornado embedded shingles and other debris into the ground, making it difficult and time consuming to clean up. These generous people would not let my father even push a wheelbarrow as they cleared the mess. My Dad commented to one of the ladies that he wished those around the country who bad mouth conservative Christians should see what they are doing. The lady then introduced him to one of the men cleaning my brother's yard - Representative John Hoestetler (R-IN). Amazing. Do you think the dems would do something like this without cameras there to capture the event? This man was picking up debris and almost everybody there didn't even know he was a member of Congress.

Bless them all. Bless all Americans and their big, generous hearts.

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