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The Truth About Homicide

Gun control is a pretty hot Right-Left topic. At its most basic, Doctrinaire Conservatives tend to be liberal (small "L") on gun ownership (i.e. support fewer restrictions on civilian ownership on firearms, the Second Amendment is an individual right, etc.). Doctrinaire Liberals trend between Authoritarian (gun registration, extensive waiting periods, etc.) to Totalitarian (i.e. only the State is permitted firearms; the most radical of these are already looking at regulating non-firearms).

In the effort to garner public support for Gun Control, the MSM often refer to America as the Murder Capitol of the World. The only problem with this is that it isn't even remotely true. The truth is that if one considers Russia a First World Nation (and with Russia now part of the G8 to not consider them part of the First World) we aren't even the murder capitol of the First world.

Ah, the L³eftist will crow, but we are the gun murder capitol of the world. Um, no, not by a long shot. The much-vaunted by the L³eft Costa Rica beats us out there, but it is really South Africa that is the leader with more than twenty times the firearm homicides than the US per capita. Consider this:

Since 1994, recorded violent crimes increased consistently. Between 1994 and 1999,
violent crime increased by 22% but since 2000 there has been a gradual ‘stabilisation’ and downward trend in most of the violent crime categories. The South African Police Service (SAPS) Annual report (September 2004) showed a significant drop in several violent crime categories, with murder being the most important. In 1995 murders peaked at 26,877 staying at this level for several years, with a 10% drop in 1999.

Since then the murder rate has been decreasing each year, with a total of 19,824 murders recorded in 2003/2004. This is over a 23% decrease since 1994. In 2000, 11,176 murders were committed with a gun. For the same period there were over 21,000 attempted firearm homicides. As in the murder figures, both these categories show a decrease in actual numbers but an increase in the ratio of the use of a gun to any other murder weapon. In both murder and attempted murder for 2000, a handgun (pistol or revolver) was the most commonly used weapon, with an assault rifle used in 151 murder cases. While the number of people murdered in South Africa since 1994 has declined, the percentage of people killed by small arms has increased from 41% of all murders in 1994 to 49.3% in 2000.

Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.

Emphasis, as always, mine.

The most recent statistics show South Africa, with strict gun control that has been in place for decades (during Apartheid, black South Africans were not permitted to own firearms. An exception was later made for black Police officers) has more homicides in raw numbers than America.

With a fraction of our population.

Remember this, the next time you see a pro-Gun Control Op-Ed in the Washington Post or the New York Times or, for that matter, your local brand of fishwrap/bird-cage liner. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the MSM have been lying to us about many, if not most things for decades. In decades past, it was not as easy to pull together the real facts for people like us. Research like this meant driving to libraries, digging through poorly indexed meatworld paper books and microfiche, etc.

Today, I and a co-worker were discussing politics. We have nearly 100% diametrically opposed views on most issues. We start from different First Principles, and reach (surprise!) different conclusions.

We both agree that what America needs more than anything is an informed and educated electorate. OSM and blogs are simply one step in that direction.

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