Wednesday, November 23

Hunting is Good in SoDak

Just thought I'd stop and post this as we run around and try to help the Daughter-of-Mcgyver set up for Thanksgiving. She and her new husband and stepdaughter just moved in to their new house... And decide that they had to invite the family - this includes his parents, my family with two Sons-of-Mcgyver and one not-my-kid. Aaaaand my first ex with the Son-of-Mcgyver-whoshallnotbenamed. Please wish her (and Giggles and me) much patience.

But, that's not what this is really about. This is a post that combines some input to a post a few days back about the ATF - Alcohol, Tobbacco, and Firearms. Here's Mcgyver's take on this; shotguns (good), firearm safety (better). Jim Beam (good), Jack Daniels (better). Cigarettes (bad for you), Cigars (good... bad for you but good). Dogs (good) coyotes (bad) Cats (Bad) --I know, but I'm not talking about the home pampered type. So, don't shoot me, yet.

Folks, I had the pleasure of going up to SoDak and hunt with some of the fighter pilots I work with. They're air-to-air guys and actually can shoot ok with a shotgun, too. We limited out each day we were there and tramped through about five miles of SoDak farmland each day, too. There was some drinkin' later in the evening and cigars were enjoyed on the porch.

Did I say anything about dogs? I won't let the not-my-kid have a dog, as he has some issues with responsability (ADHD generated). However, I am now seriously thinking about a Chocolate Lab. Some of the bloodlines were well represented (no, I don't know which ones) and the little bitch pup that one of the farmers was raising is about as well behaved and sweet natured as a pup could be. In the event the Mcgyvers find ourselves headed to Big Sky Country, I'm gonna be real serious about thinking that one through.

JustDanny and some others were comparing what would be the best shotgun to get and which is best for them vs stopping power, home defense and hunting. Well, here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, If you hunt deer, you use a shotgun. If you hunt birds, you use a shotgun. Ok, for my money and what I own is a 12 gauge Remington 870 Express Magnum combo. Which means I've a rifled slug barrel for deer and a smooth bore for birds. Price was reasonable, too. Shells? I use Remington and Federal. no misfires, ever. Now, I've given some thought to home defense, and am considering a modified 870 receiver, with combat grips and the short barrel. While I make up my mind, the 870 with the rifled barrel will do ( It's shorter by a couple of inches).

Alcohol - some people may be for or against, but for my enjoyment, I really liked Remy Martin when I was in Europe. After the Fwench decided to not help, well... one had to find a substitute. Jack Daniels does ok, and Gentleman Jack is the drink of choice. Howsomever, you cannot make a decent Irish Coffee without Tullamore Dew.

Beer is good, too, but that's for another post.

Tobacco is our next subject. I used to smoke cigarettes. I started again at Sturgis. I don't like them. I do like cigars. I'll try different ones and like maduros from time to time, but if I can get them, Montecristo #5s are what I recommend. Cohibas are nice, both Cubano and Dominican. Arturo Fuentes are good, too. Any of the Davidoffs are very nice.

So, that's my ramblings on some things and I'm curious as to what other people think. Oh, the owner of the Hunt Lodge is a member of the squadron I support, so the link above is a bit of an ad. I hope no one minds. (and his cook/houskeeper, Bev can reeeally cook)

So, I'm going out on the porch - Mcgyver, out

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