Friday, November 4

Hurricane Relief

Hey, all! I have been invited by our local Habitat for Humanity chapter to travel with them to Covington, Louisiana for a week-long Hurricane Relief build. I guess they are working hard down there and are bringing in construction crews from lots of places.

I'm very excited to have been invited.

If you know any folks in the area down there that I might want to say hello to or who might want to meet a fellow LGC'er or LGF'er, please let me know. I am always interested in meeting friends face to face that I have met in cyberspace. Post info here or send me a private email.

Habitat for Humanity is an excellent organization. It's not a handout by any means, and families must work a minimum number of hours on other homes before their homes are built. In addition, in order to qualify, the families are screened and counseled. It's a very worthy endeavor.

Can you tell I'm excited?

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