Friday, November 25

I Am Dorothy the Small and Weak

I liked this comment from Don Surber very much. ;-)
You can see his likeness here on the commissar's monster post, mouse over the guy with the text balloon. I like his comment because he is funnin', and I flat love Wizard of Oz references.
He said:
How dare you little bloggers criticize the great and powerful Wizards of Blogz?
You must be demented! don surber Homepage 11.25.05 - 10:18 am #
Lol, we have only begun to dare. Sure, we are small and weak, but we have dared to criticize the Holy Den Beste-sama, and the great and powerful[-ly boring] Ann AltHouse. We are part of Glenn's Army of Davids. And our Goliaths are the big-name, elitist, entrenched, idealogically bankrupt, oldschool bloggers.
So, you bettah watch out. Or we'll run after you like Toto and bite you in your big fat complacent applesnakesandwich.

Oh, and Ann.....punkrock is dead. ;-)

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