Monday, November 14


Hi youse'all - I'm trying to get in touch (via e-mail) with our old bud, V the K (of the "caption this" fame). I've been to his blogsite many times and enjoyed them, as usual, everytime.
But I can't see anywhere on his blog (he uses the same blog technology that we do) which would enable me to e-mail him. If any of youse'all know his e-mail addy, could you forward it to me or if you prefer (disreputable type that I am, have him e-mail me) Any and all help would be appreciated. I also tried to edit my blogger profile (to add show my e-mail addy) and now seem to no longer show up in the team members list. I also couldn't help but notice that there are only two comments with the "Edit" and "Delete" buttons still available and they are next to psots of mine; was it something I said that I'm no longer on the blog team members list or that my posts can still be edited or deleted (and if so, by whom)?
But sure would like to reach V the K (when you get him in the archive section of LGF it just leads you to his web site where, again, I saw no way to e-mail him.
Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks

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