Thursday, November 3

Misguided? Or Delusional?

California Democrats do themselves a solid, and nearly injure themselves with all the back-patting over their victory.

The Democrat-dominated Sacramento City Council has crossed the line.

At a time when we have men and women of the U.S. military fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Sacramento City Council has issued a resolution condemning the war against terrorism in Iraq.

The Democrats on the City Council are now serving as the political arm for some of the vilest, anti-American and anti-military groups operating in this country. One of the principle groups involved in lobbying for the resolution's passage was Sacramento for Democracy - a group that promoted Cindy Sheehan's rise to prominence and also Stephen Pearcy (the man who hanged a U.S. Soldier in Effigy from a noose atop his house, with an American flag displayed upside down in distress).

Sort of makes you wanna hurl, doesn't it. Only Ronnie Waters refused to go along and they are threatening retribution come election time. Maybe we should show some support for this man of princple. Contact District 7 Representative Waters at (916)808-7007 if you agree with him. Let him know he's not alone.

Better yet, contact the rest of the council to tell them how you feel about what they've done:

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