Thursday, November 17

Obsessive Lunacy

When I logged onto haloscan comments while ago, I saw that the last comment was made by our stalker. I deleted the comment and reported the I.P. as having spammed us. It was obvious that the stalker had spent a lot of time creating his comment so I wondered if the comment was posted somewhere besides lgc. Seems unlikely someone so obsessive and disturbed would waste a much labored over paragraph or two.

I entered a few words from the ramblings into Yahoo, "Donned my tight black shorts", was the line I chose. I was right.

Obsessive lunacy 1
Obsessive lunacy 2
Obsessive lunacy 3
Obsessive lunacy 4
Obsessive lunacy 5
Obsessive lunacy 6
Obsessive lunacy 7
Obsessive lunacy 8
Obsessive lunacy 9
Obsessive lunacy 10
Obsessive lunacy 11
Obsessive lunacy 12
Obsessive lunacy 13

There are more but I think these give you the picture. This stalker isnt about being on the left and hating Charles because he's strong on the right. We arent dealing with a lefty gone mad, we're dealing with an obsessive lunatic. He doesnt see that his constant attacks on Charles do way more to prove Charles's arguments than it does to counter them. This severely disturbed individual shoots himself in the philosphical foot every time he shows his face.

How much do you want to bet that he is a regular poster at dl ?

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