Monday, November 7

Religion of Peace

But only for co-religionists. I have long decried the lack of Muslims protesting terrorism. After all, if they can march in the streets, burn cars, blow shit up, and kill people if an American looks crosseyed at a Koran, then the least they could do is manage a peaceful protest against terrorists who, you know, kill non-Muslims.

Not happening.

But when the terrorists kill other Muslims, it seems they can bestir themselves:

Holding banners and chanting "Muslims are brothers. A Muslim does not kill his brother" and "Yes to freedom, No to terrorism and barbarity", the protesters on Sunday marched through Casablanca, a city of six million and Morocco's financial capital.

Al-Qaida has said it decided to kill the Moroccan embassy employees, Abderrahim Boualem and Abdelkrim al Mouhafidi, because of Morocco's support for the US-backed Iraqi government.

Top Moroccan officials, ministers, pro-government and opposition party leaders, and trade unions and rights groups led the protest to put pressure on al-Qaida to free the two men.

Muslims to terrorists: Kill an American, Jew, Christian, hell, secular Arab, and it is sweet. Hands off other Muslims.

Me to Muslims: Our patience is wearing thin. If the world ain't big enough for the both of us, well, we can solve that problem.

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