Friday, November 18

Rise of the Lizardoids

I want to thank dannie for giving me a place to blog.
I've been sort of a coward, commenting on other blogs with alternics, so that people would take me seriously.
I know a lot of other blogs that diss the minions.
According to them, we're the foul-mouthed low-rent trash of the blogverse.

Allah is the only one that stands up for us.

We may be a little rough around the edges, and certainly, i'm no lady. *grins*
But I think we have a lot of really important things to say.
I was heartened by seeing pablo and chris at AltHouses blog.
But the genius of lgfers, is that we see.
We see the real truth, the essentials, the important stuff.
Our vision is clear.
We are disrespectors of elitist authority. We don't care about your law degree, or how long you've been blogging, or who you know.
If you're an idiot, you're going down.

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