Saturday, November 12

Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict

From the section titled Proper Military Strategy :

Hiring foreign infantry
Israel could introduce mercenaries, perhaps anti-Muslim Indians who have suffered at Muslim hands or even Christians who feel some attachment to Israel. Other reasons, like racism or revenge for terrorism, could boost recruitment. The Russian hatred of Muslim Chechens and Serbian hatred of Bosnians, Albanians, and Turks should be exploited. Soldiers respect strength, and cannot be anti-Semitic while Israel is strong. Mercenaries could form most infantry units. Israel would save billions by not conscripting her youth, not keeping a standing army, and not mobilizing in response to provocation. Paying mercenaries mostly from underdeveloped countries would be cheaper than draining the economy of young, creative people. Other technically advanced branches of the army can fill their ranks with Jewish volunteers. Mercenaries fit the Israeli military psychology better than any other country’s, since only Israel does not expect its soldiers to die like heroes, en masse and unnecessarily. Mercenaries tolerate low casualties. The I.D.F. could attract some of the best soldiers of fortune, because it provides a possibility of relatively low danger action. The United States has recruited foreigners for a long time, though without attracting many volunteers. The use of non-conventional weapons during major confrontations obviates the need for a large infantry. As a last resort, Israelis must be ready to defend themselves, but in peacetime, privately managed mercenary armies are economically efficient.

Certain unorthodox measures may be entertained. Recall the example of the janissaries.[1] Slavery is not an option in the modern world, but adopting children from the poorest countries, indoctrinating them, and training them for low-rank military service may be feasible. With ideological training, most would enter the service willingly and resettle in the territories later in life, driving the Arabs away and creating a security belt around the Jewish state. They need not convert to Judaism but might be recognized as God-fearers and adopt the basic tenets of Judaism.
Israel could create a security belt of Arab farmers, dependent on Israel not only for irrigation but also for technology and genetically modified seeds. Better, however, to settle Indian farmers there. The Arabs would not scare them; they have no quarrel with Israel and a lot with Muslims. Indians would demand neither Israeli citizenship nor government benefits. Indians have a record of loyalty to countries of temporary immigration, and after decades have changed the demography of the territories irreversibly, Jewish farmers could replace them without severe conflict.
Western Christian radicals could be invited to police the territories. They would be happy to get a training ground for their militia. Western states security agencies would infiltrate them, mitigating the potential threat to home countries, and Israel could be assured of less barbaric methods than SLA employed. The radicals or other ruthless foreigners, such as Russian spetznaz, might even be used for anti-Muslim terrorism, a proper retribution. If, however, Israel abandons or restricts them, they would embrace Islamic radicals. Playing with the devil is a game of skill.

(note: I dont endorse this book or writer. I found parts of what is written on the site interesting to read. I mean no disrespect to the author.)

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