Monday, November 7

Score: 1 for the Home team, 0 for the Terrorists

SYDNEY, Australia — Police in Australia arrested 15 terror suspects in a string of raids early Tuesday and said they had foiled a major terror attack.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said 400 officers were involved in raids in Sydney that captured six men while nine more suspects were picked up in the southern city of Melbourne.

"I'm satisfied that we have disrupted what I would regard as the final stages of a large scale terrorist attack ... here in Australia," Moroney told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.

Police declined to give details of the likely target of the attack, but Victoria state police chief Christine Nixon said that next year's Commonwealth Games, to be staged in Melbourne, were not a target.

"It's the largest operation of counterterrorism that's ever been conducted in this country and its taken us a long period of time," Nixon told the ABC.

I wonder how many more thwarted attacks we don't know about?
I wonder how long it will take before the MSM actually covers this story?
I wonder how long it will take before the anti-America crowd will claim these arrests are just window dressing and that no real crime was committed?

Good on you mates! Job well done to the Australian police departments and anti-terrorism task forces, and of course to their Prime Minister.

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