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Setting the Record "STRAIGHT"

First let me just say that I am in a LOT of pain today. I have something "pinched" in my upper mid back (right between the shoulder blades) and even sitting up hurts. But this is too important to let my pain get in the way.

Okay- Let me please just be honest. Yes- I am against euthanasia. Does this mean that anything I say about about the issue it just to be discarded? If you support euthanasia, does this mean you support FORCED euthanasia? I THINK NOT! I know very lovely, decent people that whole-heartedly believe euthanasia to be merciful, dignified, and morally right. But because these people are WONDERFUL people, they would NEVER IMPOSE DEATH onto innocent people who WISH to LIVE.

I will risk to say that no one involved in LGC would seek to support starving and dehydrating someone who WANTS to live. (unless that person were a terrorist, {insert smiley face here})

My point is this- In the abortion topic there are extremes on both sides, as illustrated in the Zombie's List post. I believe the same is true on the euthanasia issue. In both cases- there are situations where people can agree even if their stand is not directly on spot with each other on the grand scale of "Where do you fall? See A-Z."

If some of you feel I am an EXTREME RELIGIOUS ZEALOT on these issues, that's okay with me. I can take it.

But let me ask you all this:

If we are going to practice euthanasia in this country shouldn't we make it LEGAL FIRST? Or do we just disregard the process of changing laws through the legislative process and turn a blind eye to the law if it doesn't match up with our own "personal" feelings on an issue?

If I WANT to live- WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO OVERRIDE ME? WHO? My husband? My wife? My children? My parents? The doctors? My insurance company? The courts? WHO?

If I am LOUD on this issue- does this mean that my own family is denied their due process of proper medical treatment and access to fair legal representation?

If I challenge the system on the way they PRACTICE euthanasia, does this mean that I am no longer aloud to be advised of my parent's care and just dismissed and not counted as next of kin to my own parents? In other words- can my rights as "next of kin" just be TAKEN FROM ME BY THE COURTS BASED ON ME EXERCISING MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?

If I am an activist does this mean my mother's care-givers are aloud to remove any pictures, gifts, or contact numbers for my own mother to reach me from her room- and then REFUSE to contact me when my mother ASKS THEM TO?

My earlier post is about June Maxam. I'll be PERFECTLY HONEST WITH ALL OF YOU!! June and I have a past. In fact, that past is NOT a friendly one. If you want more info- you can email me, and I will be more than happy to explain PRIVATELY!

Some of you may not only know that I was involved in Terri's case, but I also traveled to LaGrange, Ga to help out Kenneth Mullinax in his fight to save his aunt, Miss Mae Magouirk. I was a STRONG supporter of Kenneth in his fight to save Mae. He and I talked over the phone many times, let alone the emails we shared. Kenneth was very involved in the Democratic Party (you can do a web search and find out more- and I posted a lot about this case on Straight Up). I still joined his fight to save Mae. I stopped using Kenneth as a source and immediately dropped all communication with him when I found out he lied to me- and that he used underhanded tricks in his fight to save Mae. It was HARD for me to take such a blow. While I still supported his efforts to save Mae- and still worked hard to help save her, I did NOT use him a source anymore.

I believe in the fight to save innocent life. But I do NOT believe in doing so through lies and trickery. Regarding the lie I found Kenneth in- I honestly can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing in order to save the life of my own loved one. But I can say that I knew that if anyone else found out about it- that it would have shattered the movement to save Mae. I knew then that I was not cut our for journalism. I could have gone public with what I found out, but I knew if I did- it would be to Mae's detriment. I couldn't do it. It was a "HOT" topic at the time, and I was getting over 1,000 hits per day on Straight Up. I was well-known and respected among pro-lifers (especailly the blog community), and was even a guest on Pat Campbell's radio show (some of you may have seen him on O'Reilly a few times), due to a story that I broke on the mistreatment of the elderly in Florida. NO ONE ELSE KNEW WHAT I DID, NO ONE ELSE TRAVELED TO LaGrange, interviewed the people I did, etc. My trip to LaGrange was actually arranged by someone at WorldNet Daily. I will leave their name out of it. I was supposed to go there and get a copy of the taped court proceedings on Mae's case. A writer from WND that I talked to frequently over the phone called them and told them I was coming and what I was coming for. They had no transcript for the court session, and only had it on tape. I was to go there- they were going to give me the tape, allow me to leave the premises with the tape, make a copy of it, etc. When I called LaGrange to confirm the trip and the plans for me to get a copy of the tape- they said, "You are a court transcriptionist, so you know we have to sign the log and have this back the same day, right?" I'm NOT! And I didn't lie. I said, "No. I am not."

I am NOT implying that anyone at WorldNet Daily told them that I was. I have NO IDEA WHY THE PEOPLE OF LAGRANGE THOUGHT THAT! And I refuse to speculate. They then told me that I could come down and LISTEN to the tapes in their office. So I went there. I even borrowed a car from a friend for the trip. When I got there- the tape was no good. We tried several different tape recorders. NOTHING WORKED. I DO NOT FEEL THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO HIDE ANYTHING.

Now- if I were an "EXTREMIST" don't you think I would have either tried to lie about being a court transcriptionist or at least suspected a cover-up and exposed the fact that they had NO record of the proceeding? I didn't do any of that. In fact- THIS is the FIRST time I have shared ANY of this publicly.

Please understand that at the time, I had great dreams of using my silly blog as a breaking ground to try and enter the world as a blogger or journalist that would be able to actually make a living at this. I have DREAMED of being a writer since I was a child. But I could not, in good faith, print ANY of these things. I didn't have the stomach. I was unwilling to hurt any innocent people in order to "BREAK" a story.

I couldn't break the story of Kenneth's lies, it would hurt Mae. I couldn't cover the fact that the LaGrange authorities thought I was a court transcriptionist (I didn't even bother trying to find out WHY they thought that) because AGAIN- it would have hurt the "cause" to help people like Mae. I couldn't blast LaGrange for being such a "small town" operation that they didn't have ANY record of the proceeding, because I didn't feel it was anything intentional or underhanded by them- and I refused to publicize it, because I knew it would become fodder for people that JOINED me in the fight for life, and these people that SHARED my passion would use this information to hurt innocent people.

Do you understand what I am saying? I was unwilling to publicize things that would hurt the cause even if it meant personal gain. Even though I knew that exposing the "no-good" tape would help the cause I so passionately believe in, I was unwilling to hurt innocent people to do it. I was unwilling to lie even though that would have given me favor with WorldNet Daily and may have served as a stepping stone to fulfilling a childhood dream.

Why do I share all this now?

I trust you all to be my friends. Cyber friends- albeit- but friends none-the-less. And I want to set the record straight that no matter what any of you may think about my stand on any given issue, that I would NEVER jeopardize my integrity for ANY cause. And when I come to you all with a story I believe in- I come to you in earnest. I am not interested in "SPIN" to justify any means.

Because I may be more "extreme" on an issue than others does not mean that I am an extremist. Nor does it mean that I am "extreme" enough on ANY issue to be dishonest in any way.

You may catch me being wrong on things at times, and I invite that. I would rather be proved wrong than to propagate a lie. But you will never catch me propagating information I have ANY doubt in, in order to further a cause, nor to find any personal gain.......

Now- I have no idea how I ended up here.....

Oh- back to JUNE and her family's dilemma.

Please visit the link below to find out about JUSTICE FOR THOSE WHO DARE TO CHALLENGE THE MEN IN BLACK!

Denial Of Elder's Health Care High Price To Pay For Activism

(please excuse any typos, or mispellings- I am in severe pain!)

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