Friday, November 18

Shotgun advice, please?

Apologies to those of you who've seen this over at LGF, but my attempt over there has proven fruitless, and since I've never hunted with a shotgun, I really, really need the advice I'm asking for! Rifles and handguns, yeah, even archery when I was younger, but I've never had a shotgun before.


WHEE! I got one!

Went to retrieve a rifle I'd been trying to sell on consignment at Shooter's Choice up in Dover -- couldn't hunt with it here, and no one to leave it to -- for a couple of years, with no luck, though the owner did mention he'd gotten one offer for it, but less than they'd been asking to get me what they thought would be acceptable.

I commented that I'd be delighted to trade it for a shotgun (my husband had said this would be useless, but I figured why not try), and the owner promptly led me over to the shotgun section.

After some discussion, I am pleased to report that I'm the proud owner of a 20-ga. Mossberg 505 Youth model (next to last on the page). It actually fits, unlike any other shoulder arm I've tried -- I can hardly wait to fire it. ::happy-dancing::

For those who don't know, here in Delaware it's so flat and densely populated that rifles aren't allowed for hunting. Most deer-hunting is done from a fixed location, either a tree stand or (usually seated on an overturned large bucket) on the ground.

I have a couple of questions, now that I've actually gotten the gun. What do y'all recommend in the way of ammo for deer? Any particular brand?

And do you recommend a scope, if I end up going with rifled slugs? It seems to me slugs would be more accurate than shot, but as I said earlier, I've never had a shotgun before.

Any other advice you might have would be welcome, as well!

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