Wednesday, November 2

An Underreported Victory

While the world's attention was focused on the Iraqi constitutional referendum last month, voters in one of the world's largest democracies, Brazil, rejected a nationwide referendum that would have banned most private firearms ownership. I've seen some reference to this being the world's first nationwide referendum on "gun control."

The October 23rd vote, which garnered almost a two-thirds "Não" vote (63.94%), is widely viewed as a vote of no confidence by the Brazilian electorate in the government's ability to protect the public, and as a major setback for the global "gun control" movement. Voter turnout was apparently high (if I'm reading the chart right, some 78%) but that's not too surprising for a country, like Australia, where voting is mandatory (sort of like jury duty here in the U.S.).

UPDATE: I'd kind of like to have this as a T-shirt:

Update II:
I mentioned this in my comment, but I think it is important to point out on the front page. Gun control is not about crime control, it is about people control. The first gun control laws enacted in this country that I am aware of were enacted in the post-Civil War South, and they were specificlly aimed at disarming freed slaves. Read The Klan's Favorite Law by Dave Kopel if you were unaware of this fact.

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And I'll just add a link to an excellent law review article giving some more of the historical background on "gun control" and race. This article is reprinted in Dave Kopel's 1995 book Guns: who Should Have Them?, and originally published in the Georgetown Law Journal, vol. 80, pp. 309-361 (1991).

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