Tuesday, November 22

W.H.O. Warns of Spreading OSM Derangement Syndrome

dateline 11.17.05
Recent developments in the observation of OSM/PJM Derangement Syndrome (ODS) have propelled the WHO to initiate countermeasures against the spread of this virulent plague. First identified in Dennis the Peasant, it has recently spread to Jeff Jarvis, Steven Den Beste, Ann AltHouse, and other notable conservative bloggers. Many liberal bloggers, ie, Kos, Walcott, Atrios, etc have been identified as carriers for this dread disease. Places like Metafilter, dU, Discarded Lies, and LGF Watch have become virtual ODS zombie cities (just like in Shaun of the Dead) with nearly 99% infection rate.
Symptoms include glazed, fixed eyes, frothing at the mouth, and continous streams of invective against hat guy and bike guy. Also, the infected begin to exhibit inordinate fear and loathing of satires and mocks, along with profound atrophy of their sense of self-deprecating humor.
Sadly, no known cure exists.

UPDATE: In a brilliant research coup, WHO surgeons have discovered that removing the implanted broomstick can greatly ameliorate the symptoms.

Props to Corvan in Jeff Goldstein's comments for OSM Derangement Syndrome.
Note to readers, i cleaned this up and moved it forward in prep for submission to the carnival of the satires. ;-)

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